Treasures Design is a boutique label founded in 2006 and dedicated to the creation of bespoke accessories. Strongly influenced by traditional art and the Gypsy lifestyle, Treasures is the synergy of Dutch design and highly skilled Balinese artisans with a bohemian touch.

Creative mind behind the brand Julie Coste, draws her inspiration from the authentic treasures she discovers during her travels around the globe. Combining ancestral crafts with a modern European feel, the range features high quality leather bags and hand-perforated leather shawls with intricate detailing. Blending high quality leathers and exceptional craftsmanship, Treasures accessories are entirely crafted by hand with great care (over 10 hours of work on each of our pieces) with respect for the guiding principles of Fair Fashion

Carved in metal, or perforated in leather, the signature Treasures trademark in the shape of a drop, is the eye-catching embellishment in our collections. It’s inspired on an ancient Hindu symbol and represents universal balance.

Developed in limited quantities and meticulous care, Treasures styles are rare and authentic, resonating to the uniqueness of the wearer. With a bohemian vibe, and high end finishing, our accessories are designed for the woman with a free spirited heart and a taste for luxury


Our collections are developed in compliance with the guiding principles of Ethical Fashion. This means Treasures insures child free labor, fair wages, and dignified working conditions. By guarding these values, we aim to give back to the gifted artisans who help bringing our Treasures to life.


The synergy between authentic craftsmanship and luxury wear, shapes the heart of Treasure's style. The unique patterns we design on our shawls and jackets are developed by a select group of talented master artisans. With great focus and attention, they craft each perforation entirely by hand using traditional tools, finalized with handmade embroidery in the softest and highest quality of suede leather. This exceptional heritage is passed on from generation to generation and we cherish this unique co-creation process.